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Visiting Beth – Reliving Our Childhood Again

By on March 7, 2017


Even though I have moved away to go to university there are some things that simply never change, the fact that your mums food always tastes better, the night clubs that still have the same music being played and more importantly, your friends are always there for you.

This past week I have spent the week with Beth, my friend that I have had since primary school throughout the normal school years that I sadly had to part ways with when she decided that she wanted to become a vet rather than follow the fashion designer route that I have taken.

Heading home on the train, I couldn’t hold back the excitement of seeing her as there was just so much that we had to catch up on, from the fact that her and Paul had fizzled out through to the new guy that I have in my life at the minute, it’s early days but we’ll see where this goes.

Living away has meant that being able to catch Beth has been hard, obviously we use Facebook and snapchat to keep in contact, but there is nothing like being with an old friend to really ignite your memories and what I time we had.

I’m not the traditional tourist, I mean I have family in Bradford and I have been there a number of times throughout my childhood so this visit was more about going out and having the same sort of nights that we used to have weekly for so many years, whether that be going to the bars or staying in with a takeaway and watching films.

She’s doing well, home for a short time from university as she continues to work towards becoming the vet that she wants to be while I’m in my last year of fashion and soon to be sent out into the ‘real world’ and we knew that getting the chance to be able to see each other like this again could take a little time as her work continues to stack up, so we were not going to waste this opportunity to go back and enjoy our time together.

We did literally everything we could, from going to see Trainspotting 2 at the cinema to nights in with Netflix box sets through to me even going with her to her cheerleading classes in bradford, which were great, although certainly reminded me of our old dance classes we used to attend, which I don’t really do any more.

Meeting Rob was good too, after hearing about Beth’s break up a couple of months back was hard as I was so far away from my ‘sister from another mister’, so to see him make her happy was great and i still have no idea what the hell a Bradford SEO is… Even though you tried to tell me countless times! Sorry Rob!

As usual, way too much junk food eaten and plenty of alcohol drank but even with a sore head, you can quickly realise that real friendships are for life, not just through the early years.

So until next time, keep reaching for the stars girl!


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My Life

I’m Doing It – I’m Running Race for Life!

By on February 8, 2017


After committing to this while out drinking with Lizzy, Laura and Pippa a couple of weekends ago, it seems that my inability to handle the Prosecco while at the bar has finally caught up with me and I have committed to something that I can’t get out of now, well I can but because the nature of the cause I feel it would be wrong to do so.

Pippa has been that one friend that has always taken part in charity events, whether it be a local fund raiser or running a distance fun run like she did with the Race for Life last year and although I have always been there to watch her get all sweaty and tired, it has never really appealed to me.

Well being my typical self I was being loud and called Pippa out on the time that she put in last time in reference to her run back in 2015 and she was quick to tell me that I couldn’t handle the distance, to which in my Prosecco fuelled haze quickly pointed out that wasn’t the case.

It is but drunken me wasn’t going to let that stop me from calling her bluff… Shy.

Well with a cloudy head the following morning I was just about able to see the ceiling as I thought back to the night before, trying to see if I could figure out the point that I should have said that enough was enough with the drink when Pippa burst into my room.

The moments that followed made me wish I was about to jet off to a land far away…

Not only had Pippa not forgotten about me accepting her challenge to run the Race for Life with her this year but she had gone ahead and booked me on alongside her!

As excited as she was at that point, I could have cried a few tears for sure… 5Km, I don’t walk that sort of distance in a week!

After the cloudy head cleared and a couple of ‘oh my god what have I done moments’ had passed I took a moment to think about what it was actually all in aid of. Cancer. An illness that I have had tarnish my family in the past.

So here I am, about to get a little bit of training in to ensure that I have even the smallest chance of being able to run the distance with Pippa without fear that I am need an ambulance to follow me from the starting line.

I’m not really a gym bunny, ready to reach for my leggings so that I can go brush shoulders with the guys from my university that are clearly of the belief that they are going to be the next Mr Universe, instead I’m going to look to build up my fitness in the privacy of my own room.

I guess that it is a good job that I do have a big room compared to some of the other students as that means that I can look to put something into the corner and not fall over it as I rush around getting ready for our next drunken adventure (in which I will maybe tell everyone that I’m a world class sky diver or something knowing my mouth…).

I have spoken to Andy, a friend of mine that takes his fitness seriously (too seriously in my view, I mean who eats 10 eggs for breakfast?) and he told me that although I would be looking to increase my running endurance, getting a treadmill wouldn’t be the best way to get the overall effects that I want.

Instead he recommended that I took a look at the benefits of using a cross trainer as they give me a ‘full body workout’ and apparently are better for burning calories than treadmills when they are compared side by side (8-12 calories per minute).

I’m going to have a look at the ones that they have listed on that site but I’m hoping that something like Gumtree will have a second hand one available locally as I could do with saving a little bit of my money to ‘eat clean’ whatever Andy was on about.

Anyway, I must dash as I have a lecture to go to but for those of you that are reading this and would like to sponsor me I will be looking to start a JustGiving page up soon so that I can be thinking about getting some sponsors to make the sore legs that are inevitable worthwhile.

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My Life

Baby Strollers – Are They A Trend Now?

By on December 16, 2016


When you reach the age that I have, you quickly begin to see that those party girls that you have always had getting you in the mood for a night out have begun to find their way into family life and although I do eventually want to have children, seeing my friends step into that world is still a little frightening to me.

Out of the group of 5 girls that used to be as ‘tight’ as we were, 3 of them so far have made the step into real life adulthood, while me and Lauren are still to make that life changing step, but what I have noticed is that some of their personality traits still remain, including the battle for best accessories.

We have always loved fashion and everything that comes with it, but this is a fashion style battle that I simply can’t take part in… Because I don’t have children.

It’s funny to watch as the girls step up their game to get their hands on the latest baby products, comparing and really having a mothers sit down about their experiences… In fact I have to say that sometimes I do think that I wish that I could participate more in the conversation while we all sit around in Costa drinking our Latte.

Sugar for the picture only… Promise 😉

Obviously I know that kids need a lot of stuff, but just seeing the girls that used to be more about having the latest designer shoes and handbags change those for strollers and changing bags is just a symbol of what life really becomes as you grow older.

For example, Sian last week walked into Costa with a glow about her, hair done and make up on… Nothing really new there then as she was always the one that found time to ensure she looked as stunning as possible before leaving the house, even if she slept in late!

What was clear was that she was strutting her stuff through the little walkway towards the table with something new, something that I couldn’t quite put my finger on… Then Maisey gave me the enlightenment that I wished for… She had a new pushchair.

Where as once she would be rocking Gucci high heels and some form of Fendi handbag, she was instead hand planted to a black pushchair… Something that looked like it was thrown back from the future and into the modern day.

Being as close as we all are, naturally the only thing that I can contribute to the conversation at these meets is the odd joke and observation but even I had to say how nice the new stroller looked and it’s not even something that I know about!

She explained that she wanted to get ready for the winter due to her older one (older meaning that her parents bought her it 3 months ago) was becoming harder to push with the weather conditions starting to get wetter, so she took a look online to see what she could get her hands on to make things a little easier.

Now I’m no expert when it comes to pushing strollers or pushchairs, hell I struggle to push the trolley around the supermarket without knocking into someone or something, but she said that it made life easier for her.

The girls naturally got talking about it and it was good to hear that she had taken a litle time to look into what she was buying as usually she was one of those, buy now think later kind of girls back in the school days, but it seems that she really did her homework this time (no more my dog ate it excuses lol!).

Apparently she searched online for buggy reviews by real parents and found a site that was sharing their thoughts on double buggies, so she took note of what they had to say and bought the singular version instead.

Isn’t it funny how life works out some times?

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Fashion Tips

Shopping Hacks For A Cheaper Wardrobe Spend

By on September 4, 2016


There has been a number of times where people have asked me how I keep my wardrobe topped up with what i need while on a student budget, so i thought that I would cover my ‘secret’ which i’m sure will become your new found ethos, even if it stares you right in the face.

Like many of you, I love to shop brands but when it comes to me being able to create my own, unique style I have to be able to branch a little further away from the pricey designer stuff and get savvy with lower price alternatives where possible.

Although I love the occasional dip into the sale rail as well as finding great sale offers as the seasonal trends switch for the bigger online retailers, there are some stuff that I simply won’t compromise on, meaning that I have to find ways in which I can keep the my ‘eye on prize’ and figure out the best ways to get the item cheaper than the price tag shows.

So with that, here are a couple of things that I like to look for while I contemplate my next purchase:

Make past season, this season

Seasonal wear in the fashion world seems to be dictated by the big fashion houses, marking their next release of a new collection that is sure to have at least 2/3 pieces that you are always going to want to get your hands on.

My fashion sense means that I can not only ignore the trends that the designers like to make us believe are coming but I can also take what they see to be Spring/Summer style and bring it to life with my own twist of Autumn fashion.

One of the biggest things for me with this is the continuing push for designers to create new jackets and coats but although Burberry have just released their next Mac coat, take a look at the one from last year and you will see that the lines and tailoring is exactly the same, just this time they rolled out a camel shade rather than caramel.

The difference in price is about 60% of the number shown on the latest release, meaning that alter your shades a little and you still get that upcoming season look but for a fraction of the price.

Shop big in big sale periods

When it comes to buying fashion or footwear, there are various dates and periods throughout the year which will see your favourite retailers slashing their prices as they look to clear stock, making it prime hunting ground for those of us that look to put our own spin on stated trends.

We have just come through the sales based on the schools going back and almost every retailer we have in our centre in the middle of town had big discounts plastered all over their window fronts, other than the likes of Harvey Nichols etc but the offers were there to be had if you took the time to nip in.

One of the biggest sale ‘periods’ that I will be looking out for now will be what I call the ‘Black Friday flash sale 2016‘ period, which will hit both the online and offline retailers in line with the annual UK version of Black Friday in November.

While others will be heading to find their computers and televisions, I’ll be rushing about the internet looking for the best priced fashion offers, including what I can find in the sale sections as these will boast even bigger discounts.

Don’t want, need

I’m one of the worst shoppers for this, I admit it, but when you have been making your way around the shop with a sole aim of finding the ideal outfit or accessories, you get to the tills and end up making a last gasp grab for something that is piled in the area in which you queue to pay.

The reason that these are there is that they are looking to offload whatever they have in there and there must be some research that has shown that fashion lovers will always browse while they wait.

If you have made it around the store and not thought that you needed something before heading to the till, the likelihood is that you don’t need it, you just want it because its there.

No one needs a unicorn mug bad enough to have searched high and low to only find it piled high alongside the queuing area okay?

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Fashion Tips

Juicy Couture Sequin Stripe Daydreamer

By on May 10, 2016


This bag is truly dreamy.

Not for the faint of heart, nor for those who hate the spotlight.

This bag is covered in neutral gold sequin stripes alternating with Juicy Couture’s signature pink, or “damsel.” The bag is created with velour and leather, so its really a true splurge. I’m already planning how I can be extra careful to preserve mine for as long as possible. The purse’s handle is a camel colored leather as well as the base of the purse. I have to give it to whomever designed this bag. I surely couldn’t have dreamed it up, although I swear the bag gets my creative juices flowing.

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Fashion Tips

Bright Tights The Look Of… Wait? What?

By on February 4, 2016

Truly bizarre, right?

Bright tights have been fadalicious for a while now. I saw some in fact at Target months ago, when I remember being shocked at the brightness available at, above all else, Target. I didn’t expect this fad to take so quickly. While its not my cup of tea, I love Kate Spade’s layouts featured above.

Her outfits are paired deliciously with the bright colors of the tights, maintaining a fidelity and sophistication. Kate Spade can always be counted on for classy feminine appeal- but her styles get, at times, a bit boring. I think the bright tights really lend themselves to her absolutely upright clothing line.

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Beauty Tips

Best Liquid Liner For Light Eyes

By on January 18, 2016
Aqua Liner Diamond


Make Up Forever’s Aqua Liner in Diamond Burgundy is a fine alternative to other liquid liners. Most liquid liners are so dark and harsh.  This color is ideal for those with light eyes, like me. Don’t be afraid! This color is close to a plum and looks great beside any eye color. I highly recommend it!

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Beauty Tips

Go All Sugar Lips For A Natural Look

By on January 16, 2016


I don’t know about you, but I don’t like to look like I have loads of makeup on. I am not a fan of lipstick. Chapstick has a lot to be wanting. Fresh Sugar, however, is a fantastic product that provides benefits to your lips. Fresh Sugar offers their “lip treatment” in six enhancing colors, which not only nourish and protect but also have mildly refreshing plumping properties. Also available from Fresh Sugar- a lip scrub.

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Fashion Tips

Vivienne Westwood Melissa Ultragirl Rubber Flats: A much needed alternative to the infamous Jelly

By on January 10, 2016

Jelly Shoes not being my fave, I was squealingly surprised when I found these “Rubber Flats” by Vivienne Westwood. The opaque quality of the shoe paired with the uber out-there shaped bow on the tip of these beauties creates quite an effect. That said, there are some real pointers needed to be shared regarding these shoes:

The red and blue swirls of the bow against the opague black create a less desirable effect than when paired with the dark blue rubber. Saks Fifth Avenue was able to purchase enough of the shoe in black to offer in store and online, although this may be a bad sign. In Britain, where the shoe originally came out ages ago, blue sold out far quicker (so I found out long after searching everywhere for blue in my size). If you ask me the blue shoe is far better looking and the black makes me wanna gag, but to each their own.

Additionally, the shoe also comes in pink. I hate the pink with the red and blue bow the most- reminds me of some kind of a reject flower child space age hippie shoe of the future. But the pink with tortoise shell colored bow I found to be yummy. I think my choosiness in the colors of the shoe & bow is the inevitable result of the way the rubber catches the light, or doesn’t, for the most part. They look too funkified & cheap when the colors are too clashing in tone/family, as illustrated best in the example of the soft pink shoe and bold blue & red bow as seen above.

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