Shopping Hacks For A Cheaper Wardrobe Spend


There has been a number of times where people have asked me how I keep my wardrobe topped up with what i need while on a student budget, so i thought that I would cover my ‘secret’ which i’m sure will become your new found ethos, even if it stares you right in the face.

Like many of you, I love to shop brands but when it comes to me being able to create my own, unique style I have to be able to branch a little further away from the pricey designer stuff and get savvy with lower price alternatives where possible.

Although I love the occasional dip into the sale rail as well as finding great sale offers as the seasonal trends switch for the bigger online retailers, there are some stuff that I simply won’t compromise on, meaning that I have to find ways in which I can keep the my ‘eye on prize’ and figure out the best ways to get the item cheaper than the price tag shows.

So with that, here are a couple of things that I like to look for while I contemplate my next purchase:

Make past season, this season

Seasonal wear in the fashion world seems to be dictated by the big fashion houses, marking their next release of a new collection that is sure to have at least 2/3 pieces that you are always going to want to get your hands on.

My fashion sense means that I can not only ignore the trends that the designers like to make us believe are coming but I can also take what they see to be Spring/Summer style and bring it to life with my own twist of Autumn fashion.

One of the biggest things for me with this is the continuing push for designers to create new jackets and coats but although Burberry have just released their next Mac coat, take a look at the one from last year and you will see that the lines and tailoring is exactly the same, just this time they rolled out a camel shade rather than caramel.

The difference in price is about 60% of the number shown on the latest release, meaning that alter your shades a little and you still get that upcoming season look but for a fraction of the price.

Shop big in big sale periods

When it comes to buying fashion or footwear, there are various dates and periods throughout the year which will see your favourite retailers slashing their prices as they look to clear stock, making it prime hunting ground for those of us that look to put our own spin on stated trends.

We have just come through the sales based on the schools going back and almost every retailer we have in our centre in the middle of town had big discounts plastered all over their window fronts, other than the likes of Harvey Nichols etc but the offers were there to be had if you took the time to nip in.

One of the biggest sale ‘periods’ that I will be looking out for now will be what I call the ‘Black Friday flash sale 2016‘ period, which will hit both the online and offline retailers in line with the annual UK version of Black Friday in November.

While others will be heading to find their computers and televisions, I’ll be rushing about the internet looking for the best priced fashion offers, including what I can find in the sale sections as these will boast even bigger discounts.

Don’t want, need

I’m one of the worst shoppers for this, I admit it, but when you have been making your way around the shop with a sole aim of finding the ideal outfit or accessories, you get to the tills and end up making a last gasp grab for something that is piled in the area in which you queue to pay.

The reason that these are there is that they are looking to offload whatever they have in there and there must be some research that has shown that fashion lovers will always browse while they wait.

If you have made it around the store and not thought that you needed something before heading to the till, the likelihood is that you don’t need it, you just want it because its there.

No one needs a unicorn mug bad enough to have searched high and low to only find it piled high alongside the queuing area okay?

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