Baby Strollers – Are They A Trend Now?


When you reach the age that I have, you quickly begin to see that those party girls that you have always had getting you in the mood for a night out have begun to find their way into family life and although I do eventually want to have children, seeing my friends step into that world is still a little frightening to me.

Out of the group of 5 girls that used to be as ‘tight’ as we were, 3 of them so far have made the step into real life adulthood, while me and Lauren are still to make that life changing step, but what I have noticed is that some of their personality traits still remain, including the battle for best accessories.

We have always loved fashion and everything that comes with it, but this is a fashion style battle that I simply can’t take part in… Because I don’t have children.

It’s funny to watch as the girls step up their game to get their hands on the latest baby products, comparing and really having a mothers sit down about their experiences… In fact I have to say that sometimes I do think that I wish that I could participate more in the conversation while we all sit around in Costa drinking our Latte.

Sugar for the picture only… Promise 😉

Obviously I know that kids need a lot of stuff, but just seeing the girls that used to be more about having the latest designer shoes and handbags change those for strollers and changing bags is just a symbol of what life really becomes as you grow older.

For example, Sian last week walked into Costa with a glow about her, hair done and make up on… Nothing really new there then as she was always the one that found time to ensure she looked as stunning as possible before leaving the house, even if she slept in late!

What was clear was that she was strutting her stuff through the little walkway towards the table with something new, something that I couldn’t quite put my finger on… Then Maisey gave me the enlightenment that I wished for… She had a new pushchair.

Where as once she would be rocking Gucci high heels and some form of Fendi handbag, she was instead hand planted to a black pushchair… Something that looked like it was thrown back from the future and into the modern day.

Being as close as we all are, naturally the only thing that I can contribute to the conversation at these meets is the odd joke and observation but even I had to say how nice the new stroller looked and it’s not even something that I know about!

She explained that she wanted to get ready for the winter due to her older one (older meaning that her parents bought her it 3 months ago) was becoming harder to push with the weather conditions starting to get wetter, so she took a look online to see what she could get her hands on to make things a little easier.

Now I’m no expert when it comes to pushing strollers or pushchairs, hell I struggle to push the trolley around the supermarket without knocking into someone or something, but she said that it made life easier for her.

The girls naturally got talking about it and it was good to hear that she had taken a litle time to look into what she was buying as usually she was one of those, buy now think later kind of girls back in the school days, but it seems that she really did her homework this time (no more my dog ate it excuses lol!).

Apparently she searched online for buggy reviews by real parents and found a site that was sharing their thoughts on double buggies, so she took note of what they had to say and bought the singular version instead.

Isn’t it funny how life works out some times?

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