I’m Doing It – I’m Running Race for Life!


After committing to this while out drinking with Lizzy, Laura and Pippa a couple of weekends ago, it seems that my inability to handle the Prosecco while at the bar has finally caught up with me and I have committed to something that I can’t get out of now, well I can but because the nature of the cause I feel it would be wrong to do so.

Pippa has been that one friend that has always taken part in charity events, whether it be a local fund raiser or running a distance fun run like she did with the Race for Life last year and although I have always been there to watch her get all sweaty and tired, it has never really appealed to me.

Well being my typical self I was being loud and called Pippa out on the time that she put in last time in reference to her run back in 2015 and she was quick to tell me that I couldn’t handle the distance, to which in my Prosecco fuelled haze quickly pointed out that wasn’t the case.

It is but drunken me wasn’t going to let that stop me from calling her bluff… Shy.

Well with a cloudy head the following morning I was just about able to see the ceiling as I thought back to the night before, trying to see if I could figure out the point that I should have said that enough was enough with the drink when Pippa burst into my room.

The moments that followed made me wish I was about to jet off to a land far away…

Not only had Pippa not forgotten about me accepting her challenge to run the Race for Life with her this year but she had gone ahead and booked me on alongside her!

As excited as she was at that point, I could have cried a few tears for sure… 5Km, I don’t walk that sort of distance in a week!

After the cloudy head cleared and a couple of ‘oh my god what have I done moments’ had passed I took a moment to think about what it was actually all in aid of. Cancer. An illness that I have had tarnish my family in the past.

So here I am, about to get a little bit of training in to ensure that I have even the smallest chance of being able to run the distance with Pippa without fear that I am need an ambulance to follow me from the starting line.

I’m not really a gym bunny, ready to reach for my leggings so that I can go brush shoulders with the guys from my university that are clearly of the belief that they are going to be the next Mr Universe, instead I’m going to look to build up my fitness in the privacy of my own room.

I guess that it is a good job that I do have a big room compared to some of the other students as that means that I can look to put something into the corner and not fall over it as I rush around getting ready for our next drunken adventure (in which I will maybe tell everyone that I’m a world class sky diver or something knowing my mouth…).

I have spoken to Andy, a friend of mine that takes his fitness seriously (too seriously in my view, I mean who eats 10 eggs for breakfast?) and he told me that although I would be looking to increase my running endurance, getting a treadmill wouldn’t be the best way to get the overall effects that I want.

Instead he recommended that I took a look at the benefits of using a cross trainer as they give me a ‘full body workout’ and apparently are better for burning calories than treadmills when they are compared side by side (8-12 calories per minute).

I’m going to have a look at the ones that they have listed on that site but I’m hoping that something like Gumtree will have a second hand one available locally as I could do with saving a little bit of my money to ‘eat clean’ whatever Andy was on about.

Anyway, I must dash as I have a lecture to go to but for those of you that are reading this and would like to sponsor me I will be looking to start a JustGiving page up soon so that I can be thinking about getting some sponsors to make the sore legs that are inevitable worthwhile.

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