Visiting Beth – Reliving Our Childhood Again


Even though I have moved away to go to university there are some things that simply never change, the fact that your mums food always tastes better, the night clubs that still have the same music being played and more importantly, your friends are always there for you.

This past week I have spent the week with Beth, my friend that I have had since primary school throughout the normal school years that I sadly had to part ways with when she decided that she wanted to become a vet rather than follow the fashion designer route that I have taken.

Heading home on the train, I couldn’t hold back the excitement of seeing her as there was just so much that we had to catch up on, from the fact that her and Paul had fizzled out through to the new guy that I have in my life at the minute, it’s early days but we’ll see where this goes.

Living away has meant that being able to catch Beth has been hard, obviously we use Facebook and snapchat to keep in contact, but there is nothing like being with an old friend to really ignite your memories and what I time we had.

I’m not the traditional tourist, I mean I have family in Bradford and I have been there a number of times throughout my childhood so this visit was more about going out and having the same sort of nights that we used to have weekly for so many years, whether that be going to the bars or staying in with a takeaway and watching films.

She’s doing well, home for a short time from university as she continues to work towards becoming the vet that she wants to be while I’m in my last year of fashion and soon to be sent out into the ‘real world’ and we knew that getting the chance to be able to see each other like this again could take a little time as her work continues to stack up, so we were not going to waste this opportunity to go back and enjoy our time together.

We did literally everything we could, from going to see Trainspotting 2 at the cinema to nights in with Netflix box sets through to me even going with her to her cheerleading classes in bradford, which were great, although certainly reminded me of our old dance classes we used to attend, which I don’t really do any more.

Meeting Rob was good too, after hearing about Beth’s break up a couple of months back was hard as I was so far away from my ‘sister from another mister’, so to see him make her happy was great and i still have no idea what the hell a Bradford SEO is… Even though you tried to tell me countless times! Sorry Rob!

As usual, way too much junk food eaten and plenty of alcohol drank but even with a sore head, you can quickly realise that real friendships are for life, not just through the early years.

So until next time, keep reaching for the stars girl!


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