Calling All Footwear Retailers – We Need Help

Why is it that when it comes to finding clothes we don’t tend to struggle when we have the finer figure but the moment that you move on to trying to find some cute boots to wear with your new skinny jeans it becomes mission impossible?

I know that I am not the only one that is struggling with this, especially on the high street, because I have asked a few others from my university what they do when they are looking and for some reason it seems like the footwear world has done the complete opposite to the fashion clothing side of the industry and stopped offering us the selection others are given.

I do understand that some of the cheaper made brands such as Primark are always going to take a one size fits all mentality when they are making their footwear but I’m talking about some of the bigger names here too, there just simply isn’t enough choice or more importantly not enough labelling information.

It seems that time and time again I can walk into the likes of Office, River Island and Zara to only be confronted with foot sizes as a guide for what boots I should be looking at and by the time that I have tried on about 5 pairs of boots and not one has even close to the fit that I would like I often walk out empty handed and turn to online shopping.

Okay so I love shopping online but that isn’t the point, the fact is that us girls with the thinner legs should be able to get the same sort of shopping choices that other do too right?

I mean I’m not about to create a sign and stand outside the retailers crying out for equal rights but it can be frustrating when you want to find a new outfit to wear that evening but have to ‘make do’ rather than find the perfect boots.

It would be nice to be able to have somewhere to go on the high street that offered me the chance to be able to get fashionable boots in a fit that works for me, rather than having to continue to add to my growing collection of Nordstorm’s in my wardrobe (although some of my favourite boots are from them) and having to check on sites that have been set us specifically for girls just like me as we look for slim calf boots, I mean surely others can share that frustration?

I think that the first high street retailer to meet the needs of those of us with the finer leg shape would see their customer base increase massively, however maybe I’m not seeing the picture that they do.

No wonder the likes of Boohoo and PrettyLittleThing are becoming huge these days.

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